Comspace has spent years developing the platform TVX which is the basis for all products and services Comspace offer. TVX has been developed to meet the market demand for more personalized, user-friendly and always available TV guides. The platform is also adapted to cope with future demands on mobile content and more advanced features.

TVX platform is designed to be adaptable to customer needs and putting together the parts you want and the creation of a unique television guide’s solution.

TVX Platform consists of a backend that handles imports and exports to various databases and Web services and a front portion which functions and Gui / design available.

TVX platform support Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.


Comspace customized TV guides containing program information and editorial content for the next 14 days of TV programs and published on our customers’ websites.

Our customers are primarily large media companies, broadband operators, cable TV companies and mobile operators with Sweden / Scandinavia / Northern Europe that target market.

Examples of TV guides




TVX 1.0 platform has support for iPhone / iPad and Android.
Comspace has launched mobile applications for Boxer Sweden and Denmark, and MTG (



Android (MTG)



Android serves as a gathering place / portal for everything to do with TV. You take the part of an electronic TV guide with listings for 150 channels, 14 days ahead, articles, trailers, interviews, premieres, competitions, forums, recording capabilities, and much more.
Never miss a TV program? Using TV portal, you get full control of the TV world. has 80,000 registered members and about 40,000 unique visitors per week.